Monday, July 19, 2010

Denim Jackets rock it out!!!!

Women who ride motorcycles love them some Onliwear denim jackets!
One of a kind or limited edition art created with durable washable
textile paints along with the occasional commissioned image too.

Express yourself in the office, at school, at play, at work, shopping, riding, walking, or just being hot. Your inner art star is calling.
Easy care & wear hot denim wardrobe accents are standing by!

Only wear Onliwear....everywhere.
Keisha, of Sugar Gamers, showing life imitates art.

Bea, an Onli Studios' house model, getting her cute on,
posing in a little "Art Star" Onliwear.

ONLIWEAR expresses your inner art star with limited edition
transfer t-shirts, air-brushed fabrics, and hand painted denim.

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